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I use only 100% real human hair that is hand sewn into a wefted, they’re thinner and more flexible than machine wafted hair. This means you get a more natural look that lays flatter to the scalp. I use a hidden beaded row style of installation called SKW. SKW was developed by a nurse and hairstylist to combine the art of hair and the innovation of medical science to provide the safest and gentlest method out there.


Hand tied extensions don’t require the use of any tape, clips or glue. They’re also completely customizable. From color to volume to length, your hair will be one in a million.


All pricing is a la carte, this allows us to completely customize your service.

Here are a few bits of info before we meet:


add fullness to your current length, usually 2-4 wefts on one row.

Price of hair ranges from $270-$900

volume & length

adding volume and length requires two or three rows with a total of 4-10 wefts.

Price of hair starts at $975+


one row .......$300

two rows ......$450

three rows ....$600

additional info

Some wefts must be colored to be concealed during wear. Root shadow on a weft $45.


A haircut to blend your new wefts is included as a complimentary part of your service. 

removal & reinstall

this can take up to two hours depending on how many rows you have. If we’re doing a color service, expect to spend about four hours in the salon. With proper care and maintenance, your extension hair can last 9-12 months.


We secure your consultation appointment with a $50 deposit that goes toward your extension service should we decide to work together.

*Prices are just starting points, actual pricing depends on color, length, texture and total wefts used. Color services are not included in extension pricing. Actual pricing requires an in person consultation. We secure your consultation appointment with a $50 deposit that goes toward your extension service should we decide to work together.

Paint Strip - L Green.png
Paint Strip - L Green.png
Paint Strip - L Green.png

at home care

  • Keep washing to a maximum of one to two times per week.

  • Consider washing the top of your hair more often if needed.

  • Non-professional purple shampoos can be damaging and dry out the hair extensions.

  • Use flexible hold hairsprays only.

  • Minimize the use of texturizing products and oils on the hair extensions. 

  • Any other hair care products must be approved by the stylist prior to use.

  • Excessive heat is not recommended for your extensions (hair irons and other styling equipment).

  • Use an SKW Extensions Brush or a Wet Brush only.

  • May use a round brush only to smooth out the ends of extensions. Avoid a round brush near the extension track. You may use a round brush on your own hair for added volume in the crown area.

  • Brush the extensions several times daily. 

  • No pulling or tugging on the hair.


Guidelines for summer/vacation hair care:

  • Always cover your hair extensions when getting a spray tan.

  • Keep extensions from coming in contact with sunscreens, chlorine, and salt water.

  • Hair extensions react to certain chemicals in sunscreens. Use a natural zinc based sunscreen.

  • Be aware of cross contamination! Sunscreen residue can be transferred from another person's towel or chair.

  • It is best to wet the extensions and apply conditioner before swimming.

  • Always wash the extensions after swimming.

  • If discoloration does happen, you may use a Malibu Swimmers or Malibu Hard Water packet. 

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